Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tune Tuesday - a spanish ditty

The Boys in the DR are all really into music as are most kids their age around the world.  Just like in the states some can sing, some Can.Not. (Sorry Carlos) Dilson always has a song of some type running through his head.  It's awesome because he doesn't even realize it but if you observe him long enough it becomes very obvious that in his head there is a rock concert.

Despite the fact Carlos can't sing (but the boy CAN dance - dang) he still loves music.  We exchanged headsets a few times on the bus ride and he listened to my music and I listened to his.  He played me one that I loved and have downloaded since being home.  Of course it's a worship song, that's pretty ingrained in that boy, and it is in Spanish.  I think you'll still be able to get the gist even if you can't quite get all of the words.

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Saturday, November 08, 2014

A moment of downtime

I'm sitting in the Pittsburg Pirate's training facility clubhouse at the moment while the boys are eating lunch. I feel a bit like an interloper and don't want to step into a meal when the organization was perhaps not expecting a giiirrrrllll. Because I know my boys are beyond tuned into me (I walked into the room last night after having barely been in tears for a few seconds, happy tears no worries, and both Andry and Carlos were immediately at my side asking what was wrong. Those two I tell ya) so I've disappeared to a place they won't feel they have to feed me. 

This week, despite some really difficult nonDominican personalities, has been off the chart. When I left home this time I found myself wondering if the time of my life for commitment to the DR had run its course. I was tired and stressed and there had been some frustrating developments about the trip that made me wonder if I was perhaps not supposed to be coming this time. 

All of those concerns melted away when I was sitting at the school in Los Robles on Monday and Nicol turned the corner and spotted me. I don't know what exactly they tell the kids when their sponsors come to see them but her expression of complete joy and surprise melted my heart. 

It happened again the next day when I surprised her at school and she came barreling and sliding into my arms. 

Oh right, that's why I'm here. 

I have had more time with the boys than ever before. The group I'm with right now are all of the 15 years and older boys so sadly we had to leave some of the team behind, but other than Dionni and Izeqael the boys I'm most close to are here. There are a few I haven't spent much time with up until now and this time getting to know them has been special. I literally spent the entire day with them yesterday (including a four hour bus ride to the capital which included me taking the boys on in a rap off - because that's normal behavior for me.) and I felt a sense of withdrawal when I finally had to leave and go back to the hotel. 

My love tank is full and overflowing. Good try Mr. Devil at your attempts at pulling me away from this ministry. It will take more than one horrible American man to make that a reality. 

Today is my birthday and each of the English mixed with Spanish songs that have been sung to me has been equally memorable. The bus erupted with it this morning before I knew what was going on. It's been by far one of my most memorable birthdays yet. 

I'm not sure how I'm going to handle the parting tomorrow but for now I'm going to grab my camera, go be team mom for a few hours and try not to think about it. 

The journey continues.