Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tune Tuesday: moxie's favorite song

My dog and I regularly have dance parties.  Well, really I just often dance around in my house.  I can't help it.  I have joy in my heart and it comes out through my feet.  Moxie has discovered these dance parties are a lot of fun for her as well and she'll often put her feet on me and dance right along.  Or she stands back and wags her tails and barks.  She's a goof.

I have recently gotten "insongnia" for the song Stay the Night by Zed.  We've listened to it probably a dozen times in the last week.  Moxie really only likes it (read as - I think it's funny when) I change the lyrics to "Moxie please stay the night.  I'm sorry but we're joined for life.  Oh oh oh so you're going to stay the night".

Sorry folks - we don't do audiences.  I'd be heartbroken too if I were you.

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