Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Mi Casa

While in Santo Domingo this week I am staying with a very nice Dominican woman, her brother and a younger man who I haven't been introduced to and have seen only once as he left the shower in a towel. He seemed Nice enough. haha Sonja and I can't really communicate as she doesn't speak a word of English and my Spanish has been slow coming but we manage to muddle along. Last night I was able to communicate that I didn't need dinner because some of my schoolmates and I went out for a meal. I was very proud of that minor accomplishment.

Her cooking isn't good by Casa Bethesda standards which is disappointing because I really do love Dominican food. That, coupled with the heat, I'm sure I've already lost ten pounds. 

The house we live in is very nice. She has plants everywhere and a nice assortment of different decorations ranging from formal paintings to various pieces of Christmas decor. I feel right at home. 

Casa Bethesda will be welcome in a few days for the air conditioning, pool and delicious food but my home in Santon Domingo has been all I needed it to be. 

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