Saturday, October 12, 2013

La escuela

I have just finished my week of school in Santo Domingo and have made my way by three hour very nicely air conditioned bus to Barahona. Before I let Santo Dimingo get too far behind me I wanted to give some information about the school I attended. I did a horrible job taking pictures and really wish I had some to share of my teachers but honestly I never even thought about taking any.

Mily, my teacher in the morning was about the sweetest person I've ever met. She is absolutely stunningly beautiful inside and out. She comes from a realitively wealthy family, her mother a doctor and her father a professor, and is well educated as well. I would guess she is about 23 years old but with the incredible Dominican skin it's hard to tell. She might have been 50. 

My afternoon professor was Victoria. I got to know Victoria a bit better than Mily because her English was a little stronger so I was able to gather more accurate information about her as time went on. She too is gorgeous and was a darling person. I would bet she is around my age and when I told her I wanted to learn baseball terms in Spanish she got 100% on board. We laughed a lot during our classes and I honestly felt like the sessions with her were the most worthwhile. She is also far more "Dominican" than Mily. She moves slowly and speaks quickly. She worked hard when she was there but as soon as the time for the session ended she was out the door. Part of that is that she had two children at home to get back to but also for most Dominicans hard work isn't really part of what they do. 

I signed up for the intensive class which meant group classes in the morning and one on one in the afternoon but because I was the only brandnew Spanish speaker I ended up having both classes as one on one. It was intense and by the end of each day I felt as though my brain was literally downloading information. 

The school I attended was a private commercial school across the street from the main university. I believe there are times there are many students enrolled but during the week I was there a total of only seven students were enrolled. They work closely with the German school at the university so many of the staff and students spoke German. People were always amazed when I could understand what was going on when they were speaking in German. It's weird that I have had more experience listening to and speaking German than I have Spanish - well up to now anyway. 

The week was very beneficial as far as my Spanish skills. The biggest issue at this point is just that my vocabulary is so limited and that just takes learning over time. My goal is to not waste the groundwork I've laid. Eventually, I should get braver and be less afraid to speak. As of now my comprehension is pretty good for the most part - as long as you use words a 3 year old would know. 

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