Wednesday, September 18, 2013

It's a Full Of Love Life I lead

I had a few minutes to stop and think about the last few months and I realized just how blessed I have been with visits with friends I don't get to see all of the time.  I've had time with CA from Denver (and Molly and Erin too but they've gotten to be a regular part of my life despite the distance - a blessing I never expected),

KS came to visit,

Murph came to visit,

I got to celebrate my niece's 13th Birthday (geeze 13 already!!!??),


(and check out this sunset!!),

LG and I got to spend some coveted time together, including a great concert (sorry for this horrible pic LG - why do I have crazy eyes going on?),

and of course time with these two ragamuffins:

Up next is a visit from some MN friends I never expected to come visit, a Maroon 5 concert and final Chelan trip of the year with the Feeny girls, and a trip to Key West/SOBE with CB.  That means I've seen all of my far away girls (except BJ who I will have to wait to see next spring) and have gotten time with my local friends and family as well.

Plus, have I mentioned a trip back to the DR in the near future?  Yeah baby.

Who am I to complain for a moment about my Full Of Love Life.

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Miss Buckley said...

Dear KS--what a blessing you are to me! I love your posts and I love our friendship! Can we plan a fro-yo date soon? I don't like going by myself. :)