Wednesday, August 07, 2013

What happened down there!? Day 8 - it's time to go home. but first - a glimpse into my dreams

On Saturday before we went to the airport Ben decided it would be good to go to one of the MLB training camps outside of Santo Domingo and see if we could connect with Henrri who is one of the ILB boys that signed a contract to join The Orioles.  I didn't realize it until this point in time but every MLB team has a training camp in The Dominican Republic.  It is where all of the boys in the area come to train.  There are boys there from Venezuela, Mexico, Haiti, Cuba, etc.  Each team has two squads and the boys work their way up hoping to eventually be sent to a minor league team in the United States.

Henrri's success is huge for ILB.  The fact that one boy from Barahona is being recognized is going to open the door for other boys there.  There are some legal issues that ILB has run into with the contract, or rather lack thereof, but we are working through them and hope in the future the boys will be more secured when the majors come calling.

I was an emotional mess the entire time I was there.  Watching Ben (one of the co-founders of ILB) glow over Henrri's success, hearing Henrri thank ILB supporters for loving him and getting him off the streets, being surrounded by so many MLB hopefuls, watching the catchers practice (my favorite), I was emotionally overwhelmed.



Tear Stained Picture

As I stood on a lookout over the fields I couldn't help but wonder if that moment was why God brought me to The DR.  Was I looking at part of my future?

I think of all of the moments in The DR this was the moment I felt a lot of fear.  I still struggle with that fear when I really think about my time down there.  I still, despite months of asking, don't know what I'm supposed to do moving forward.  I continue to do all I can to help from home but am I missing a part of the bigger call by not doing more?  What does more look like?

After seeing Henrri we went to the airport.  I separated myself from the group (after being pulled aside in security - scary) and did some walking in the airport trying to settle my heart but frankly, it hasn't settled yet.  Talk to me for ten minutes and I will mention The DR.  Get in my head for 30 seconds and it will be there.

I'm so thankful that God spoke to McCayla and nudged her into affirming my trip down there.  Without her, and her absolute support of my decision, I never would have gone.  You never know how God is going to work.  Don't be afraid to be a McCayla for someone else.

I can't help but miss the team on a regular basis.  God knew what he was doing when he threw us, as strangers, together.

He's funny that way.

Thanks for walking through this journey with me.  I have at least one more final post with some additional details about some of the people I met down there, but for the most part, the recounting of the adventure is over.

Please continue to pray for The DR and if you are interested in sponsoring a child let me know.  $32 a month isn't much.  I met some amazing kids I would love to introduce you to!

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