Friday, August 16, 2013

Skinned knees and suntan lotion

This summer has been a really wonderful one so far.  It has truly been flying by.  I can't believe it is already mid-August.  I've spent most of the summer happily with a nice tan and various bumps and bruises from various adventures including "rescuing" Moxie from the lake when she fell in off the dock.  That darn dog can't swim.

There's been multiple Mariner games, a muddy 5k, trips to the new lake house, bike rides, long walks in the sun, days at the spa, live music at the market, visits with my DR team, a golf tournament, a wedding, Froyo, out of town friend visits, trivia, Chelan twice, book club, Rotary events, wine tastings, happy hours with friends and to kick off the summer a great trip to MN which I've already shared about.

Here's a recap of my summer so far in pictures: 

Baseball with Pete!!

My buddy doesn't want me to go to work in the summer.  Let's just stay home and play all the time!

First trip up to Chelan

Moxie ruled the camp

Typical evening view of my neighborhood

Baseball with Erin!!!

Chelan trip #2: 4th of July with the Feeny girls, Mr. Foster and The Stines (etc)

Maddie came to visit twice.  It's a scary zoo at my house with her aroud.

Tessie loves it - nope.

Dirty Dash - I hurt for three days after this and the bruises from my knees down were out of control.  It was a lot of fun though!

Baseball with Molly!!!!

All Hail The King

Bike ride with Mom, Jess and Kelly

My happy dinner date

Diamond Lake
Baseball with Kirstin!!!

Keith, Kelly and I soaking up the sun at Diamond

Nice form Keith

Aubrey and Chad's wedding

Sunset stroll

I love that I can walk to coffee (or Froyo) but feel like I'm in the country

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