Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tune Tuesday - Mr. Airplane flashback

I was on the Olympic Peninsula this last week visiting some clients I have out there. As I was riding the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston I was unexpectedly flooded with memories of my time there with Mr. Airplane - from the romantic dinners in Kingston (yes, that is possible) to walks through Port Gamble and sunsets over the water to crazy nights out in Poulsbo (yes, that's also possible) finished with dinner by firelight, it was all there. It surprised me and I had to smile at the memories.

I was then reminded of the song that was "our" song at the time - well more like my song for us. I have hilarious memories of Mr. Airplane picking songs and deciding this one was going to be "our" song and then playing songs that were so not us with a huge smile on his face. But to me Cain and Able by Josh Kelley will always be my Mr. Airplane song. I listened to it a few times on my drive up to Port Angeles and enjoyed the memories. It's a great song. I hope you enjoy it.

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