Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tune Tuesday - Dancing on the bus

There were some days in The DR that were more difficult emotionally than others and there were some days that were more difficult physically than others.  By Thursday I was pretty much emotionally and physically done in.  It was one of the most difficult days for me with nausea from the anti-Malarial medication and emotionally I was so tied to what we were doing down there that the looming departure was already heartbreaking.  We had a choice on Thursday afternoon to go out and see some things around Barahona or to go back to Los Robles and play baseball with the kids.  For everyone on my team the choice was clear - we were playing baseball.  I however, felt lousy.  Beyond lousy.  I felt like crap.  I tried to take a little break after lunch by taking a cat nap in the girls' dormitory but it was maybe ten minutes long and didn't do anything to break my queasiness. So, when the time came to go I barely got myself up and onto the bus.  Most of the week we rode around in really nice rented buses with AC and padded seats but for some reason on Thursday our transportation was an old school bus with Children of the Nations on the side of it.  Rambo drove - already a scary proposition - and we made our way toward Los Robles.  As we got closer to the batey somehow Kyle decided it was time for some American music and was able to finagle control of the music choice.  Pretty soon Maclemore was blasting from the speakers.  I'm 100% certain that is the first time that particular music was played in a Dominican School bus.

I was reminded of this moment as I was driving to meet some friends to go bowling (ie - have a dance party) tonight.  The second song Kyle put on was on the radio and I immediately had a flashback to me deciding I had to man up and get over my sickness and that the way I was going to do that was to dance.  Next thing I knew I was up in my seat and down the aisles dancing away.  Anyone who knows how I dance knows I had everyone in stitches - American and Dominican alike - in no time.

I'm pretty sure there is some video footage of this moment out there somewhere.  I pray it doesn't ever surface.  So here you go.  This is my anti-nausea, have a solo dance party in a school bus in Barahona, Dominican Republic song.  It will forever have multiple meanings to me and will always deserve a good crank up on the volume.

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