Friday, April 12, 2013

Value add

"Value add" has become a regular part of my vernacular since joining the bank.  I speak often to clients about what value I, or anyone else on my team, adds to their experience as a client.  The benefits range from legal expertise to personal attention to the experience of the team to the processes we've put in place to keep court monitoring on track, etc.  Our portfolio managers add value by (hopefully) providing better rates of return than a standard index fund and by being capable of tailoring an account to a client's specific political consciousness or risk tolerance, etc.  The ability to convince a client of the value of what we offer is generally what it takes to convince them to do business with us. 

My personality goes a long way too.  I like to think my big smile is a "value add".

I had dinner recently with a very dear friend.  She is going to be leaving Spokane and going on a grand adventure with her husband and then relocating in a different state at a time far too close to now.  I'm going to miss her greatly.  After our dinner I started thinking about my friendship with her and how it has been a "value add" to my life.  It was an unexpected friendship, we met in a very unexpected circumstance, and it has blessed me in ways I can't begin to list.  Her friendship has been a definite value add.

Since dinner I've started thinking about the concept of people and situations being valuable or detractors from my life.  As I've gotten older the amount of people who I love has gotten bigger and I've had to made the difficult decision to cut people out who aren't value add to my life.  I know that sounds harsh or maybe even a little conceited but it's reality.  I only have so many hours in my day and so many days in my week or month and if I tried to make everyone happy and keep everyone in my life I would have had a nervous breakdown by now. 

On occasion I've had to step back and make some cuts.  It's sort of like a Facebook friend purge.  Every once in a while I think anyone who is as much of a Facebook user as I am should go through their friend list and cut a few people.  It's always a little awkward and can be tricky but it really is necessary.

I've had to do that with some of my activities as well.  When SHF and I were dating my free time was very limited.  That was from my own choosing because I believed the time spent with SHF were minutes and hours of value add and because I wanted to spend all the time I could with him, but it also made me face the fact I couldn't keep up with everything on my schedule at the time and still make him my priority which was my desire.  So I had to cut.  The thing I had to cut was my involvement in the band.  It was a really difficult decision.  I loved the band but it also created a ton of stress because there was never a set schedule.  With my schedule as tight as it is/was I couldn't be as flexible as they needed me to be.  Even now, with time freed up (haha yeah right) by not being in a committed dating relationship with someone I don't regret the decision.  While the band was a value add for a while, the stress it created actually made it a net loss.

I think my goal for the next month is going to be to really take a look at what I have going on in my life and make sure the relationships I'm putting my heart and effort into are the ones I should be.  The ones that aren't are going to be shifted to a back burner.  The same is going to be done with my activities.  It's time to make sure "value add" isn't just a selling point to my clients but is also a factor in my personal life.

Don't you agree?

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