Friday, April 26, 2013

Prayers for Dominican Republic

People have asked what they can do to pray for my team while I'm in the Dominican next week.  My teammates names are Kyle, Joanna, Makaela, Joel and Emily.  I find sometimes it's nice to have names in my prayers.  I don't really know any of my teammates so I hope we all get along well and can function as a team with little or no conflict.  We could definitely use prayers for safe travels both getting there and once in country as well as good health.  We've all done what we can to guard against illness and will continue to be careful while we are there but there is still risk.  Also, prayers for energy would be great.  I don't expect to have an excess of downtime and expect there to be a lot of heavy lifting (we are building a dugout for the I Love Baseball facility) as well as activity with the kids.

Most importantly though it would be great if prayers would be sent up for the people with whom we come into contact.  My prayer is that God will open my eyes to what I can do in the moment to help and to leave a positive impact.  I spend a lot of time in my everyday life thinking about myself and what makes me happy or sad or comfortable or uncomfortable.  I am hopeful this trip will make me uncomfortable and that within that I will have to look toward God and his plan for us being down there.  My main prayer will be to focus outward for a full week instead of selfishly looking inward as I feel I do to often in my everyday life.

Thank you for your support here at home.  I know despite the 3500 miles and three timezones I will feel every prayer.

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