Thursday, April 25, 2013

Deep in the heart of Texas

As I've mentioned Jenny, Adrienne, Molly, Erin and I spent our 2nd Annual Girl's Weekend in San Antonio, Texas.  It really was a great weekend.  The weekend started out with a huge blessing.  I flew through Denver and Adrienne was scheduled to go on the flight from Denver that was about two hours before mine.  We had schemed that she would try to either get on my flight or if my flight was early (which that Spokane-Denver flight on Southwest often is) I would try to get on hers.  She spoke with the gate agent and she informed Adrienne that if I wanted to get on the earlier flight I would have to pay a significant amount and she couldn't guarantee Adrienne's seat on my flight.  We resigned ourselves to the fact that she would just get there a few hours before me, get the car and be ready to pick me up when I landed.  While she was waiting for her flight though there was an announcement made that they needed volunteers to be bumped off the flight she was scheduled to be on.  To make a long story short, she was first on the volunteer list and they ended up pulling her off her flight and putting her on mine.  PLUS they refunded the price of her flight AND gave her a credit.  I'm telling you, God takes care of us.

So that was a pretty great way to start the trip.  Once we got to SA we had sometime before the other girls landed so we did the running around needed (Costco, HEB) so we wouldn't have to do that during the week.  After scooping up Erin and Molly we went to the house.  I have had great luck on VRBO finding places that are clean, inexpensive and perfect space wise.  Our spot in AZ was great.  This one was great.  I'm hopeful the place I'm staying in Leavenworth next month is great.

We of course had Mexican food and (very yummy) Mango Margaritas the first night and spent some time on the patio in the back yard enjoying the view of the Alamo Dome and The Tower of the Americas.

On Saturday morning we went north of SA and enjoyed exploring the Natural Bridge Caverns and floating down the Comal River.  The Caverns were pretty impressive to someone like me who had never done anything like that.  The closest I have come to it was going through the Ape Caves at Mt. St. Helens.  That was unlike anything I've ever done and didn't have paths or a guide or anything but the Natural Bridge Caverns were neat in their own way as well.

They told us very early on in our tour not to touch the stones because it basically kills them.  It is a living breathing organism.  Of course as soon as they said not to touch anything I wanted to touch EVERYTHING.  I almost fell off the path a couple times (on accident) but also joked around about touching the stones a lot.  The girls started calling me Cave Killer.  I did what I could to live up to my new nickname. (Thanks Erin for sending this picture and reminding me of my immaturity haha)

After we were done at the caverns we decided to go float the Comal River which is a man made river that wasn't too far from where we were.  We knew Saturday was looking like it would have the warmest weather so figured that would be a good way to soak in some of the sun.  We didn't take any pictures of the float because we were warned not to take anything you didn't want to get wet but this is a picture of one of the shoots we went through.

The best part was watching Molly and Erin getting stuck in the current coming off the first shoot and not realizing they could stand in the waist high river to get out of it.  A nice guy eventually saved them and we were able to make the float down.  We ended up getting into the current with a group of guys from Boston.  They were in SA visiting a friend who was in the military there.  They were entertaining and the whole float trip was really enjoyable.  If you have a few hours to kill and it is a bit of the off season (given pictures I've seen recently the place gets nuts in the summer and it might not be as much fun) I would suggest checking it out.

That night we went down to explore Riverwalk.  We had great BBQ and people watched.  I love the Riverwalk.  It's easy to get around, the food is great, it seemed safe, etc.  I wish we had more of a culture similar to that in Spokane.

The next day was Palm Sunday and Erin and Molly wanted to go to church.  I wanted to run and Jenny and Adrienne decided they would join me so we took the girls downtown and then went on a run that ended on Riverwalk.  It was a gorgeous day although not as hot as the day before but exploring the city on foot was a lot of fun.  Erin and Molly enjoyed the service in a gorgeous cathedral as well (at least I think it was called a cathedral.  We were educated about the difference between a church and a cathedral by a volunteer there but I can't remember which one it was now.  Darn.)

Don't you love my funny glasses? I bought them so I wouldn't lose my Oakleys in the river the day before.  Every time I wear them now I have a flood of good memories.
Later that day we went on a cruise of the Riverwalk and learned the history from our great boat captain Juan and then went back to the house and enjoyed the nice back yard.  In AZ the year before the girls ganged up on me and cheated together.  They thought they were SO funny.  So this time I kept my eye on them.  We played Farkle and Erin thought it was a good idea to throw the dice in her margarita - Farklerita was born.

Oh - there also was possibly a spontaneous lip synk episode at dinner.

That night was the previously blogged about Silver Haired Fox night so I won't go into details about it other than to say it was a blast and I love it that we are all confident enough with each other that we can just have fun.  It isn't often that a group of five gets along as well as we all do.

Monday we went to the Alamo because you can't miss that if you are in SA.  I learned a lot about Texas history that I either never knew or never cared to remember.  I love history and I find it very fascinating that Texas was independent for a period of time. I asked a question of one of the information people at the Alamo and it turned into a long conversation where I learned a ton.  It's great to ask questions.

That afternoon we went out to Breckenridge Park.  I got it in my head I really wanted to have lunch at the Japanese Tea garden.  I don't know why.  I will tell you though it was well worth it.  I had no clue the gardens would be so gorgeous.

That night we went to a famous Mexican bakery which Adrienne, Jenny and I ran by the day before for appetizers and had one more meal on Riverwalk. 

On our last day Jenny had to leave fairly early so while Adrienne took her to the airport I went for a run down to the Riverwalk and by the Alamo Dome and Tower of the Americas.  We tried to have happy hour at the Tower of the Americas the night before but it was closed for a private event so instead Molly, Erin, Adrienne and I had our last lunch there before heading to the airport.  I think it's always important to get up in elevation in a city you haven't been in before.  You always learn a lot about a place that way.

You can see our little house!!
The weekend couldn't have been any better.  We've started scheming for next year and I can't wait to see where we are headed.  It's hard to think we could top San Antonio but I thought that about Phoenix so.....

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jennifer said...

Wow, you really pack a lot of activities into one weekend! Sounds like a fun time :) Nice work on the Silver Fox too.

Where are you staying in Leavenworth? When are you here? Would love to see you if only for a few minutes if it works out!