Monday, March 18, 2013

Spokompton Shake

My small group had our annual St. Patrick's Day party on Saturday.  A few hours in, our hosts Mark and Halley, decided they wanted to go check out what was going on downtown.  I wasn't ready to go downtown yet and a lot of the group didn't want to go at all.  Who would want to leave this!? (Missing Clayton, Teah, Joe and Steph)

But The Lentz' left anyway.  Well, you don't leave this group alone in your house.  Ever.  So of course we rearranged all of their furniture, intermixed their clothes in their closet, short sheeted their bed and among other things, moved their ping pong table from the basement into their master bedroom. 

We also did this: Spokompton Shake

I love my small group.

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