Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Miami escapades and the one who makes me smile

Murph called me about two months ago and told me I was going to Miami with her and nine other girlfriends the first weekend of March.  When she tells me what I'm doing I do it so I got my ticket and away we went.  I was the only one not flying in from Minneapolis so the other girls got there about twelve hours before I did.  When I arrived at midnight the texts started coming in - We are at Liv.  Get over here!

So I jumped in a cab and they got me in by basically pulling me under the ropes.  That was the first time that night we had to have a conversation with a bouncer.  The place was silly.  I've never been a big club fan.  I can tolerate it but it isn't my scene.  In South Beach I knew I had to experience a club.  Liv was exactly what I would have expected.  It was in a gorgeous hotel and it was filled with gorgeous people all with little clothing on, my girlfriends not being an exception ( Murph? Baby J? lol). 

The following day we spent almost without moving from the pool.  Our hotel was very nice, overlooking the bay with a nice but semi-quiet pool area.  We had talked about doing a crazy cabana pool day at a different hotel but ended up finding ours was nice enough that it wasn't necessary. 

That night we went to Prime 112 for dinner (yumm) and from there went to Hyde Beach. 

Hyde Beach is one of the favorite bars I've ever been to.  The people there were more our age and they were all beautiful in a classier way than Liv.  I ended up visiting for a while with a guy from Miami.  He was in the construction business and obviously very successful.  It was very interesting to chat with him about what it's like to live in Miami.  It is a city unlike any I have ever been to and I've been to a lot of cities.  I was surprised to find him and his buddies out at a place like Hyde Beach but he informed me it was one of two "it" places in Miami at the time.  It had just undergone a $23 million remodel and the locals were still checking it out.  Plus the DJ was insanely good.  We all danced and talked until they basically shut the place down.  Murph, Carla and I walked back over there the next day during the day.  It's a pretty neat spot even in the daylight.

I was surprised by the color of the water in the Atlantic.  I don't know why my expectation was that it wouldn't be so blue but it was a gorgeous blue, similar to the water in Hawaii.  When I'm back down there the end of October I plan to spend more time at the beach.  I love the pool but I would have liked one beach day.  There just wasn't enough time.

Cigars poolside courtesy of our British friends

Sunset from our hotel room the third night
Our final night had to have a different feel to it because we all had to be up so early the following morning but we still went out for a great dinner at Catch Miami.  There we saw the only "famous" person I saw in Miami (a former Big Brother contestant - good work Laura for figuring that out.  I couldn't get past how much he looked like George Clooney.) despite 50 Cent supposedly staying at our hotel.  4:00am came early for me, especially considering it was daylight savings time so we lost an hour but I was able to sleep during a lot of my flight to Seattle which helped.  I landed around 1 in the afternoon, made it to the hotel around 2 and was asleep by about 2:05.  When I woke up I had to look at my tan lines to believe it hadn't been a dream.

Seattle ended up being as much of a highlight of the trip as my time in Miami was.  I got to spend a couple mornings in court which I love, see some great clients and two loved former co-workers and on Monday night Erin, Molly, Molly, Yvonne and I went to the Maroon 5 concert.

I love Maroon 5 and have since I started following Adam on The Voice which frankly makes me a pretty new fan.  Many people have been listening to them and loving them since the mid-90s.  I listen to them at least once a day.  His concert did not disappoint me at all.  He is talented and sexy.  These pictures look like we were further away than we actually were.  Next time however, we all agreed to splurge on tickets where we can actually "see".

Owl City opened for Maroon 5.

I'm at a payphone.

Best song of the night was their most current radio hit Daylight.  It turns out it was written by a guy who lives in Seattle and he was in the audience.  Talk about a powerful song live.

Reflecting back on the weekend/week it's no wonder I've had a rough week since being back.  Why can't "real life" be as fun as "fake life"?

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Michy Ramblez said...

Maroon 5 is awesome! Looks like you had fun! You are a very pretty lady :)