Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tune Tuesday - If only I were a rock star

I went to the traveling Broadway show Rock of Ages on Saturday night.  It was a really fun show.  In fact, it is the first time since seeing Fame in London that I was on my feet dancing and singing along at the end.  I went into the show thinking I don't really like 80's music but seeing Rock of Ages reminded me that actually there is some great 80s music out there that I just have forgotten or failed to appreciate.  A lot of the songs are pretty timeless and the lyrics actually stand the test of time and relate to my life.  Here's some samples of some of the better ones that were in the show.  See if you get in the mood for a little throw back tune Tuesday.

I want Joan Jett's pants. 

This video is from when videos actually had a point other than sweaty bodies mauling each other.  The song itself starts at about 2 minutes but the intro is entertaining.  80's fashion, I tell ya.

There are so many I would love to put on here but I think I'll end with one more.  You can't talk about 80's music without Poison.

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Miss Buckley said...

Did they sing "Oh Sherrie" in the musical? It was hinted at in the movie, but never sung. :(