Friday, January 11, 2013

Random week wrap up

1) I now listen to this song on repeat for hours at a time.  I'm a huge fan of the Lumineers and this song, with it's lyrics about being someones "sweetheart", the favorite name SHF called me, has become an obsession of late.

2) I'm 11 for 11 in my Bible reading.  I even kept at it on a quick (and busy) work trip to Seattle.  One of my favorite verses so far is from Genesis: "Issac brought her into the tent of his mother Sarah, and he married Rebekah.  So she became his wife, and he loved her; and Issac was comforted after his mother's death." Genesis 24:67.

3) On my trip to Seattle I got to see some pretty incredible people (clients and friends alike).

I had lunch with Rob (I'm ready to travel in Europe with him again anytime he's ready to go).

I had dinner and drinks with Sweet Pete.  Despite time between our visits I count Pete as one of my best friends.  Our friendship has always been so easy.  As I said on Facebook - time with Pete is good for my soul.

I needed a Bourbon.  The Corner Bar was perfect for that.  I can always count on Pete to know where to take me.

I had breakfast with Jeanette.  She is one of the most level headed and wise friends I have.  The time we had wasn't near enough.

And last but not least I had lunch with Kirstin.  It was stolen time as I didn't really have enough time between my meeting and flight to get the kind of visit I needed but the time was not wasted.  Similar to Jeanette, her Godly wisdom and compassion is such an example to me.

4) We've had a sunny day today.  I can't tell you how much I've needed a FULL ON sunny day.  I have followed the sunshine around my office all day. 

5) I got to talk to Crap Bag today.  She became a momma on Sunday to Kobe Gregory.  I love him even though I haven't met him yet.  It is difficult for me not to just jump on a plane and be there but I know she and Crows Feet are adjusting to parenthood and her parents are there helping out for the first month.  I'll be down mid-February.  There is a very good possibility I have a countdown going.

6) Go Panthers!!!

We have our second basketball game tonight.  This team of girls is very sweet and I look forward to seeing them every week.  It is an hour on Thursday and an hour on Friday when I don't think about the 60 emails I didn't even open at work, or the hurt that still exists in my heart, or the dark days or cold weather (although now that we have some snow I don't really mind the cold too much).  Instead we play.  We play hard.  And I get to tell them about Jesus.  I get to test my hip out doing cuts on the court.  I get the feel of a basketball on my palm.  We laugh.  They hug me and I hug them in return.  We have fun.  They tolerate my silly cheers (my favorite is that Alice said she did NOT like my cheer the first time we did it and now she requests it every time).  My assistant coach Grant teases me and doesn't let me take things so seriously.  We might not have won our first game but each kid came off that court giving me a high five and saying they would win the next one.  My ultimate goal is to teach the girls to play hard and deal with the wins or losses as they come - although inside you know I'm still not happy about a loss.  It's 5th-6th grade Upward Basketball.  It isn't about the record or the score.  Frankly, it's probably just as important of a lesson for me to learn as it is for them.