Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting out of dodge

I was able to escape the cold a few days and head to Denver to visit Adrienne and Chris and see a favorite client of mine.  When I was making plans to be in Denver I had no idea I would be escaping the cold to Denver but low and behold it was almost 70 degrees the day my dad and I flew back.  It was a nice break and I loved seeing Adrienne and Chris (and Estes) as always.  While I was there we went downtown and did a little window shopping (and I got a Caribou fix).  I've only been downtown one other time so it was fun to get to see their nice pedestrian mall.  US Bank has a big building in downtown.  I always feel pride when I see our name in the skyline.  The moon was gorgeous. (see it just to the left there?)  

The same day we were downtown we went up to Golden, CO and went on the Coors Brewery Tour.  I have been on brewery tours before but the sheer size of the Coors Brewery made the tour very different.  These are the brew kettles.  They are multiple stories tall.         

Chris is looking for his next job.  I think he should apply here. 

Maybe I should hire someone from here to pick my next boyfriend since I suck at it.

Actually, I heard most of the people working in this lab are incredibly brilliant.  They have advanced degrees and refined palates.  OK so I don't really know about their palates (it isn't like Coors beer is THAT refined - although Batch 19 which I tried for the first time in the tasting room is one of the better Coors beers I've tried and when I'm being girly who doesn't love a Blue Moon on a sunny day?) but I can only imagine the competition for a job there is very intense.  People who love beer really love beer.

The free samples were generous and the tour was educational.  It was a really great day.  My whole weekend there was great actually.  From seeing Dana, Brady and the kids (and Judy and Eric - bonus!) and Rod (UNCLE!), Debra and Jacob, playing games until way too late in the night and having a sucessful meeting with my dad on Tuesday evening - where I proved to a retired airforce officer that I CAN hold my own when I need to, as well as love on and be loved by his down syndrome kiddo - it was a great five days.   

I saw the movie The Hobbit over the weekend and I was struck by how much I love the idea of being pursued by adventure.  Little adventures are still adventures.  This was a little adventure.  A step out of my regular every day.  A breath of fresh air.  It made me hopeful for spring and thankful for the people who love me.  I am excited I get to see Adrienne again the end of March in San Antonio.  Knowing that trip was right around the corner made parting not so tough.  Thank goodness for airplanes.

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