Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 8, 1977

My mom loves to tell the story about the night I was born.  Her water broke and so my dad thought it would be a good time to jump in the shower, have her iron his pants and then get lost on the way to the hospital.


Birthdays in my family are a big deal.   We have always had big friend parties and always celebrated as a family.  Many of my memories from growing up are surrounded by a backdrop of a Birthday.

There was my 4th Birthday with a clown theme (before clowns became creepy).

My 13th birthday was a bowling party where I remember specifically picking where my friends would sit in each vehicle. I had multiple page lists. I should have made a spreadsheet.  I also got to watch my first PG-13 movie.  Beaches, for the record.

There was my 16th birthday when we went hiking to Lake Dorothy. 

My freshman year of college my mom and dad arranged for my choir to sing to me at our concert.  This room of a few hundred people and this gorgeous choir singing to me while they brought out a cake with candles was something I won't forget for my lifetime.

My 21st Birthday in London consisted of a party at Ruth and my house with all the other American students and then Belinda, Sarah and Sarah and I taking in Annie on the West End - a show I had always wanted to see since my sister got to go without me when I was a kid.  (Check that off the list)

My 24th Birthday at Sarah's apartment where she and Jodi sabotaged me.  They remember that night better than I do.  Jodi almost paid for it more than anyone however.

My 30th Birthday party at Devine Wines in Mill Creek.  That was a night where those friendships were developed and deepened in a way they wouldn't have without that event.

On my 32nd Birthday I spent a long weekend in Austin with Erin.  It was a memorable weekend in a lot of ways - mostly ways that aren't blog appropriate. :-)

I've had fun Birthdays in Spokane too.  The first one at The Elk and then the second one with a Small Group party for my beautiful Birthday Buddy Jen and I and also a night out with mom, Jess, Chrissy and Alexis.

This year was 35 for me.  I feel like there should be a significant shindig every five years.  Why not, right?  It started out with SHF (fka RG) meeting my family.  He fits in nicely and it meant the world to me that he was there.  He had flown in from a work trip to Miami that afternoon.  I had no expectation he would want to meet my family under those circumstances.  But he did.  As always it was great to hang out with my family.  We had a delicious dinner made by my mom and blew off fireworks.

Plus I got to hang out with these two

Then on Saturday I had a party with my friends.  Geana, Jen, Chrissy and Jess came over before we went wine tasting.  We got dressed up and went to Rocket Market where other friends were waiting.  Again it was a night of meeting people for SHF.  Poor guy.  But unsurprisingly, everyone really liked him.  My friends are as important to me as my family so this event was not insignificant. 

It's fun to think about what my life will be like five years from now.  I suspect many of the friends who are around the table in the above picture will still be there.  This year I just made my way into the middle of a decade.  Five years from now will have me entering a new decade.  Scary.

But exciting.

Thanks to all of my friends who have celebrated (with) me over the years. 

And to SHF - I can't thank you enough for all you have done for me over the last week.  You continue to amaze me in ways I can't put into words. xo

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Jessica said...

Glad I got to spend your 35th with ya Sis!