Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Back in July I was asked to audition for a band called Ursa.  It is a group made up of two guitar players, a bass player, drummer, (now) two female vocalists and (brand new as of this week) a keyboard player.  Sarah used to tell me I missed my calling and should have been a rock star.  I decided this might be a chance to become that in a very small way.  So I auditioned and was asked to join the band.  So far we have had three gigs since I came on board.  They are slowly starting to trust me to lead some songs so at our next gig in December my vocals should be more highlighted.  It's an interesting group of people who have some real talent and I enjoy rehearsing with them every week.  They keep me humble but also give sufficient compliments and comedic relief to make it fun.  It can be hard, work especially just being confident that I have enough talent to be on the stage entertaining people with covers of very famous and popular classic rock tunes, but I wouldn't give it up for anything at this point.

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