Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Happy birthday to my left hip

One year ago today I put my physical health into the hands of a very capable surgeon named Dr. James Pritchett.  I probably should be sending him flowers or a thank you note or something.  I feel SO much better.  My pain is pretty much gone other than a twinge here and there.  My activity level is higher than it's been in ages and other than being exhausted from being too busy I have no limitations on what I'm doing.  Going through an airport is obnoxious and I'm still a little protective of my joint but for the most part I'm a brand new (and more bionic) person.

Thank you Dr. Pritchett.  The constant twinkle in your eye is clearly a sign of all the good you've done for people like me.  I can't wait to show off to you in November.

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