Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Always remember

I have a tendency to want to post about my niece Kelly on September 11th because it's her Birthday.  I choose to remember her instead of a tragedy that changed all of our lives.  I remember the event and I take a moment to thank God for the my safety and the safety of my family and friends but I also pray for our country and those who did experience loss on that day in 2001.  It's a day to remember to give thanks for those who keep us safe.

Last year I posted about my niece like always and my effort to look at the positives from the experience of 9/11.  I asked people where they were when it happened and I got some of the most amazing comments.  Some of them were from strangers.  This is the reason I love to blog.  Not only is it for me to have a record of what I'm thinking and for my friends and family to know the scary stuff rolling around in my head but also it is a way to reach out to people in the world who I will never meet.  I want to share one of the comments from last year.  It is EXACTLY this type of story that shapes my point of view on the day and what about it we should remember. (don't judge his grammar - just enjoy the story)

Enjoy and God bless America.

D.Prince said...

I don’t know way I’m so excited about commenting on this post because I NEVER comment on people blogs...don’t know why but I just don't. But I do feel compelled to share my thoughts and story....

Let me say one of the most thought provoking statements in this blog was when you mention this ~~~~~~~~ "I never thought I would have a time in my life where I would say "I remember where I was when....". People talk about that with JFK being shot, or the man walking on the moon. I never expected to have National tragedy in my life but I do. I wonder what my niece and nephew will have as theirs."~~~~~~~ I say that almost every year when 9/11 comes around.

Ok so where I was on 9/11/01 and what can I celebrate about that day....

I was at work in Washington, DC when everything erupted and total chaos broke out!!! Washington, DC had literally shut down, you could not catch a bus, you could not catch a train and you could not make a phone call with your cell phone. At that time I had did not know the people that I worked with well enough to link up for support and comfort. But I did remember that a good friend of mine “Angela” who I went to church with worked a few blocks down the street. So instinct told me to go down to her job to see if she was ok and if she wanted to stick together since nobody had any way of reaching family members or getting out of the city. So I met up with Angela ironically we meet halfway because as I was walking down to meet her, she was walking up to meet me (mind you we couldn’t use our cell phones to call out) so once we met up and made sure we were both of ok; outside of just being shaken up due to the circumstances we proceeded to find a way out of the city…….. so to make a long story short we hung together that entire day looking after one another, walking blocks after blocks after blocks through all the madness that was going on in DC trying to get to our separate homes. It was like our friendship grew stronger through the tragedy that had/was taken place around us!!! 10 years later….me and that same young lady that stuck by me during one of most horrific moments of the United States is now Married with our 1 year old daughter.

So what do I have to celebrate….

well my wife and I often contribute our relationship being ordained to that day!!! So we pay our respects and pray for the many of families that those that lost lives on that day. We also celebrate that the blessing that came out of that day.

September 13, 2011 6:54 AM

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Dr. N. Eple-Adei said...

that's an amazing story to share! and definitely a good thing to be thankful for :)