Thursday, August 30, 2012

Won't you be my neighbor

(I like how this sign with the graffiti makes it look like I live in the ghetto)

In my adult life I've never lived in a real "neighborhood".  I have lived in apartment complexes and Condo/Townhome developments but never before moving to Spokane have I lived in a stereotypical piece of Americana.  Myrtle Lane fits all of the stereotypes.

Mid-15c., "neighborly conduct, friendliness," from neighbor + -hood (q.v.). Modern sense of "community of people who live close together" is first recorded 1620s.

Let me try to explain the neighbors who have become significant to me.  My house is on the far end of where this picture was taken. 

The first character of note we come to is "The Mayor" or Ed.  He is retired and basically serves as the watch dog of the neighborhood.  He keeps an eye on the cars coming and going.  He keeps an eye on my place when I'm out of town.  He and his wife Carol serve as sudo-grandparents to all the kiddos who live on the street. 

Then there is Chelsea and her husband.  Chelsea serves on the HOA Board with me and is as nice as you could possibly imagine.  They have precocious kids who like to show off their baseball skills to me and LOVE Moxie.  Actually, if we are being honest her husband likes to show off his kids baseball skills as much as the kids do and is almost always the first to approach Mox and I when we walk down the street.

Next Melissa and Derek and their two kiddos.  Melissa and Derek work for one of the local television companies.  Derek is an anchor and Melissa is a producer.  You can only imagine my humiliation when I asked Derek what he did for a living and he had to inform me he was a morning TV anchor.  Sorry Derek - I watch channel 6.  Maybe you guys can convert me to channel 4. 

Next we have Jen and BJ.  Jen is a person I want to be better friends with.  She is loud and outgoing and was one of the first people to really bring me into the community of Myrtle Lane.  I would love to spend more time with her if we both weren't such busy young professionals.  Her boyfriend BJ is probably my favorite neighbor.  He is my protector.  He got mad at me last weekend.  A bunch of us were standing in the street talking about the crazy guy who knocked on all of our doors earlier in the day and he questioned why I didn't call him when that happened - that and why I didn't call him to come help me figure out the beeping in my garage.  He makes me laugh and is someone I know I could call on any time - day or night.

Trevor, his wife Sydney and their kiddos live across from Jen and BJ.  Sydney and I know some of the same people from growing up.  I went to college with a friend of hers and high school with a friend she met in college.  I'm telling you it's a small world.  Trevor is on the board with me and is always a calm head.  I respect him a lot and wish I had a high school teacher just like him.

Next to them are Todd and Jen.  Todd was the very first person to talk to me when I moved to the neighborhood.  His wife Jen always has a smile and makes you feel good just by being around her.

Next to me is Ryan.  He is about my age, an accountant and (on a completely unrelated note) is severely diabetic.  The paramedics haven't been to our neighborhood this summer.  For Ryan this has been a good summer.  He currently has a roommate who is an idiot.  I think he was supposed to move out this summer but he's still around.  I will be very happy when that split takes place.

On the other side of me is Janet.  She and I call on each other a lot.  It's nice to be flanked by single people which are such a rare commodity in Spokane.  I need to make more of an effort to be social with Janet.  We are both in the same industry and we both need the help on occasion.  She's a bit older than me but not outside of my peer group.  Her little yappy dogs bark at Moxie constantly.  It's nice to know she has company. haha

Directly across from me is Derek - or hot neighbor.  He wears Carharts with a belt, has a really nice fishing boat and an elk head over his mantle.  He also has a gorgeous girlfriend.  Boo.

Next to him is where the neighbors get interesting.  Maybe it's because I've watched too much Big Love or I've read too much about Mormon Polygamy but I'm fairly certain the two female renters in the house next to Derek are married to the guy in the house next to them.  Don't ask me why - it's just what I've observed.  I am intrigued by them.  They mow each other's lawns.  They tiptoe over to each other's houses late at night.  The son of one of the women is named Alfred.  It all adds up to polygamy to me. haha

There are others on the street obviously but those are the ones who create my community.  Two houses are for sale.  There is room to join us on Myrtle Ln.

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