Thursday, August 09, 2012

I just want to be funny

When I was in college one of the best compliments I recieved was from a guy friend of mine who was extremely humerous.  He stated out of the people he knew our friend Julie and I were the most humerous women he had ever known.  I was actually really surprised (and flattered) by the comment.  I've never thought of myself as "funny".  I asked him what about me made me funny and his response was even more surprising (clearly since I still remember it more than ten years later).  He said it was because I didn't care what anyone thought of me and just said what was on my mind.

Now that's actually true.  When I really let myself put down my gaurd I have zero filter.  Zero. Zip. Zilch.  It's not ALWAYS a good thing.  In fact, today at work someone said something that was just way too easy and I of course had to make a comment that was intended to be humerous but wasn't very HR friendly.  No filter.

I don't think I'm funny with everyone anymore like I was back in my late teens/early 20s.  There are certain people I feel comfortable completely letting my gaurd down with at all times and who bring out the more humerous side of me but there are also people I'm pretty serious around.  It isn't that I don't appreciate the serious talks and even my talks with Erin who I tend to be at my most goofy can be serious, but it is interesting to me that there are people who don't bring out that side of me. 

If I had a choice I would just be goofy all the time that I wasn't doing my job.  I'm not sure if Mike would still say I'm one of the funniest women he knows or not.  Maybe I still would be if we were hanging out until all hours of the day and not caring about paying mortgages, raising babies or working on sucessful marriages.  For everything its own season though I guess.

Knock Knock
Who's there?
Eat Mop.
Eat Mop who?

(Go ahead - say that outloud)

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