Tuesday, August 09, 2011

You Know It's Time For Hip Surgery When.....

I was told about an on-line group for people with hip resurfacings and joined it last week. I have been getting the postings for the day sent to me and this one came up yesterday. It is scary how many of these pertain to me now.

You know it is time for hip surgery when...

You haven't worn socks for months and it isn't summer time.

You don't own a pair of shoes with laces.

You don't choose stores by selection or price, but by parking availability.

You drop something on the floor and have to kick it closer to the counter so you have something to lean on.

You turn around and go home when you discover you forgot your cane.

If you've ever walked too far and sent your companion back for the car.

The bottom shelf of your refrigerator is empty, and the top shelves are crammed full.

You avoid businesses with stairs and no elevator. No hand rail, no way.

You spend the weekend recovering from your normal work week instead of the other way around.

You only throw the ball for the dog if you have a pick-up thingy handy.

You trained the dog to walk himself on the treadmill that would otherwise only collect dust.

You decide clean floors are overrated.

Canes become fashion statements and you admire someone else's.

You start eating at drive-through joints because you don't want to get out of the car.

You have stopped one or more of the activities you did at twenty because of pain, not because you know it could kill you.

Your joints feel older than the rest of you.

You can relate to people in Aleve commercials, yet you know they are lying.

Your aching joints wake you up more often than your bladder does.


Wenikio said...

I joined an online community for my derotational osteotomies and it's been so helpful! As your procedure isn't widespread yet either, I hope you have the same experience :)

Thesis Writing said...

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yeti said...

haha, can I really train my dog to do that?