Thursday, August 18, 2011

The C Word and Perspective

NO. Not THAT C word. Cancer. Or maybe that's what you were thinking in which case forget the OTHER c word. Great, now you probably can't stop thinking about the first C word, or the second, or which ever.


This last spring I had the great fortune to meet up with some friends of mine in Bellevue at church. They suggested we go to brunch so Kirstin and I joined them at this great little place in Redmond. Mr.P and Phinneygirl (as they are known on the blogosphere) are about my age and have a wonderful and busy little family. They have a two year old and an eight month old who are such sweet kids but still are young kids and keep both Mr.P and Phinneygirl on their toes. While we were at brunch I really had a chance to look at Mr.P while we were talking and eating. He looked very thin. I asked him if he had been sick and he said he had been fine but had been losing enormous amounts of weight without trying. Now Mr.P is a tall thin man but this was taking his thinness to another level. To make a long story short they found out about a month ago that he had Stage 1 kidney cancer.

When Phinneygirl told me about the diagnosis I was very sad but also a lot humbled. I try not to complain too much about my hip pain but I know at times I make it a limitation that it maybe doesn't have to be. Or at least I mention that it's a limitation. I say - "I can't do that because of my hip", instead of just "I can't do that". I don't like having limits and I want people to know it's a short term limitation and not just laziness or disinterest. The reality though is I could call less attention to my injury but simply not mentioning it.

My problem isn't a life threatening one - although having surgery is never a 100% sure bet. I don't have the pressure of having a young family - not that Mr.P's life is any more important than mine but it does put a different type of pressure on him with his family dynamic. His journey toward good health is changing my perspective on my journey toward good health.

He is in surgery right now and I'm in constant prayer for him and his wife. I know she must be worried and I also know after this surgery more questions will be present - mostly had the cancer spread. My prayer is this is a short chapter in Mr.P's life and after the completion of the surgery the family is able to move forward and it gives a new perspective on things for them.

I pray all of you are aware of and thankful for each healthy day you have. Mr.P is going to get through this and be better off than he has been recently. I know that without a doubt. I'm thankful for his and Phinneygirl's friendship and I am excited to keep walking with them through this crazy roller coaster we live.


PhinneyGirl said...

Chronic pain is not something to minimize, I think chronic pain is actually the worst kind of pain (says someone whose experienced two natural childbirths, a foot surgery, and a broken rib). Obviously the births and the surgery had intense pain, but it was short lived. The broken rib is by far the worst pain I've ever suffered because it's so constant and debilitating. I can imagine your hip pain is like that if not worse, and for dealing with that you are one tough cookie!

I hope that your hip surgery provides you much needed relief from your pain so that you don't have to limit yourself anymore :-)

sibichen said...

good one! Best wishes!

Kold_Kadavr_flatliner, sub/dude said...

God bless you with discernment.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Better to consider one's self an idiot and admit that you do not know all, than to consider one's self a genius, claiming to know all.

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