Monday, February 28, 2011


Things about Monday:

1) It's the only day of the week I find myself eating a cookie and a piece of chocolate at approximately the same time.

2) It's the most difficult day to work out but when I do I set myself up for a good week.

3) I like to close my eyes while I'm talking on the phone with clients on Mondays. This might be because I'm actually falling asleep during these conversations and it might be because I'm concentrating extra hard. That's for me to know and no one else to ever find out.

4) It's a day of the week that generally requires afternoon caffeine. (See #3)

Other things about work:

1) I love that you can bring a bag of baked goods that taste horrible because your mom raised you not to waste anything and so even though your Crisco turned bad you still used it anyway and they disappear by the end of the day with no one even asking a question.

2) I have to walk far to great of a distance to go to the bathroom.

3) My employer doesn't like to buy it's employee's sticky notes. I use three times more sticky notes on Mondays than any other day of the week.


Moi et Toi said...

Hey great blog :) i know what you mean about mondays! i'm following you now :) keep up the posting :)

Melissa said...

i stumbled upon your blog... i loved reading it and think you should post again soon :)

where the wind blows. said...

great blog! your post is SO true!

John Murdock said...

Things about monday:
can't vacation
facing hardwork
no wasting time...hehehehe :D
thats all