Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Stay True To Your Course

There is a compass on my desk that was a gift from my parents when I graduated from college (ten years ago – scary). On it is a small gold plaque that says “Stay True To Your Course.” It’s been a good and gentle reminder for the last ten years. I purposely keep it where I can see it on a very regular basis.

Even with it in an obvious place I sometimes forget. I find myself drifting to a place I never intended to go. I think these are the times when I decide to follow my own ideas instead of listening to God’s nudging. I’ve actually had prayer time when I’ve said “I hear what you are telling me God but I want to go down this other road instead” or as is the most recent case “I hear you and I will obey, but not yet.”

Those two specific times I’m thinking of have led to the most painful and tear filled times in my life.

How does one make decisions that gets them so off course when they know specifically what choices should be made? It’s that human tendency toward sin I think. It’s hard at times to not be of the world, make decisions that give earthly gratification but perhaps not heavenly gains. Sometimes that immediate payoff is hard to pass up but if we are truly living for the Glory of God our focus should be upward and toward the future instead of the immediate and horizontal.

I think I take over the rudder in steering the course because I think I found a more direct path; one that would get me to my goal in a more expedited fashion. I’ve found though that my seemingly quicker route leads inevitably through a route with menacing sharks and rough waters.

This summer my Bible study leaders from Seattle raced their sailboat from Vancouver Canada to Maui, HI. They were one of, if not the smallest boats in the race and they won. They were the fastest boat to get to Maui. I think they are one of the smallest boats to ever get the fastest time in the history of the race.

It was a grand lesson in perseverance. Susan broke her ribs on about the third day. Scott was seasick almost the entire race but they stayed on their course and made it to Maui. I think the injuries and illness made them even more focused on the goal and had them looking for the most direct, wind pushed course.

Perhaps that’s the reason God allows me to steer off course on occasion. Those injuries should make me focus on the joy and health that exist when God has his hand on the rudder instead of me.

I’m getting back to my charted course. It’s enough wandering around in the Pacific beating off the sharks with a small, splintered wooden paddle.

I’m tired and my ribs are broken. They’ll heal with time. Especially if I just sit back and rest and let God take over.


Googlover/keishua said...

Hi there,
I was just reading your blog. Going through something similar. It is likely that I knew better and still ventured on...
Oh well, thanks for sharing.

SeLFs said...

YoUR bloG iS veRy insightfuL..

Anonymous said...

Hi- I was bored and came across your blog. I really liked it. It made me think about my life. I think you know me cause you wrote just about me and what I'm going through.
Best of luck on your journey.

jodibob at gmail dot com

Kim Ian Tumblod said...

I read your blog.. and I really like your September post.. Is this real?
Because its almost poetic... =)

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AquaJane said...

We all think we know better than God at times. I've certainly gone my own way a lot. Maturing seems to be more and more sticking to obedience because we know God's commands and leadings and even limits are for our protection. You're insightful to realize this and see it in your own choices. I give you a lot of credit for this. God bless you!
Jane Hoppe

Shawn N. Maile said...

I think you just described a great majority of young people with this blog post. Most if not all of us believe that our wits and education can make up for God's physical absence in our lives. Hopefully I as well as the others come to the realization that the further away we go from God, is the further we go from achieving meaningful and positive change. Happy writing.

Clinica Psicologia said...

This is actually the fifth time i read your site, excellent post as always! Best Regards, Pedro

Julia Strittmatter said...

I came across your blog and really liked it. I often think about the same things in similar ways. Please keep writing! :)