Wednesday, August 04, 2010


The question was posed to me of "are you happy"? It seems like it should have been a fairly easy question to answer - are you happy or are you unhappy. Well, I have joy. But joy is different than happiness. My joy comes from my faith in God. Oddly enough that's a easy question to answer. But am I happy? I'm not content. There are too many things about my life that I would like to see as different to be content. If I was content I would stop growing and my life would become stagnant. It's good to be content to a point but I hope I'm never fully content.

But am I happy? Happy has been defined as "delighted, pleased or glad". Delighted in life is maybe a bit too strong. Pleased in my life? Yes. Glad? Some/most of the time. So does that make me happy? I suppose so. I don't really know what would make me MORE happy other than maybe getting everything I want in life. I don't actually think that would truly make me happy either because usually I think we don't get what we want because God is protecting us from something we can't even see. If I could eat every sweet in the world without being fat I would still be sick from all those sweets. That wouldn't make me happy. Not at all. I'd like to have all the money in the world so I didn't have to worry about finances but then there would be many problems associated with that too. I just know it. (I'd be willing to try it out though if someone is looking to donate to someone) I'd like to have a really expensive car. I would worry about it getting scratched or stolen. I would like to be married. OK - studies do show that married people tend to be happier and I would really like to be married but I KNOW it isn't all ponies and puppy dogs in a marriage. I've seen struggles from my friends and I've been involved in enough divorces in my work life to know it can be ugly.

So am I happy? I can't answer the question. Are you?

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Wenikio said...

Not happy enough that I wouldn't try all the sweets in the world ;) Sugar... mmmmmmm.....