Friday, July 30, 2010

Who is your "person"?

Everyone needs a “person”. You know, the individual you would call in the event of an emergency. They should be in your life on a daily basis and live in the same town or at least within close proximity of you. I had a sad moment last night when I realized I don’t really have a “person” right now. I have my family but that’s a weird concept for me. I’m not used to having to rely on them for that sort of support and it’s a prideful thing for me to feel like I don’t need to. I got extremely frustrated with Work yesterday when I realized that I actually am his “person” or at least one of them but yet the same isn’t true for me. He can text me, ask me for a favor and know it isn’t stepping over any lines but yet I don’t feel like I can call him when I’m locked out of my car, in tears, in the parking garage. I'm in desperate need of a single girlfriend around my age who can be my person and for who in turn I can be their "person". Life is too lonely without that.

Make sure to call your person today and thank them for being that for you. You will miss them and wish you had when they aren't around any longer for whatever reason.


Karisa said...

I was thinking about something similar recently. It's definitely a downside of moving so frequently; I have to keep finding a new "person" in each city.

heather said...

I think about this a lot....I've lived here 10 years and there are many days where I don't feel like I have a 'person' (female, not my husband). God wants us all to have that and I'm praying that happens very soon for you, my friend. :)

Sarah Darling said...

Mine is called my "platonic life partner" or "plp" for short. We joke about it all the time--she's the one I call for everything whether it's drinks on Friday night or hiking up the canyon.