Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In My Own Way

I often find that I get into my own way. I over analyze (thank you Jeanette for the talk down last Friday), I get freaked out and then I pull away. For some reason starting yesterday evening I've been doing that. I've got that heavy feeling on my shoulders. I'm second guessing everything I've said or that has been said to me. I'm assuming the worst. I'm negative self-talking. It's really pretty stupid. At the same time I can find no reason to change the thinking. My patience has been pushed for the last four weeks and I'm tired of it. I'm tired of feeling like I can't be fully honest without repercussions and I'm tired of feeling like I come up a bit short on a regular basis.

On the bright side - it is absolutely gorgeous out. I went for a run last night at 6 and it was still sunny and spring like. The fields around my parents house are starting to green up and my cough is going away. I think Saturday is going to be a good day for a hike.

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PhinneyGirl said...

I'm sorry you're feeling this way. Just remember to stop and take a few deep breaths once and awhile, it really does help. *hugs*