Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dear Delta Employee

It's been a hard transition for me switching over from pretty regular travel on Northwest Airlines to now having to put up with Delta. I've had pretty bad experiences with them in the past. I'm currently sitting in the Salt Lake City Airport waiting for my connecting flight home from a surprise Birthday party for Erin (more on that in a later posting). My flights have all been fine. I'm now addicted to the Delta cookies. Crap.

As I'm sitting here killing about a half hour I was eavesdropping on a Delta employee who popped in line ahead of me and asked for the jump seat. (We'll call him Darren because, well, his name is Darren) I guess since I was eavesdropping it was a little bit of my own fault that I overheard such a disappointing conversation but still.... (oh and I can't fault Delta for hiring such a jerk so don't take this as yet another ranting again Delta - I don't want to jinx things and cause my flight to become delayed)

Anyway, Darren first was talking to his girlfriend making plans for the evening. He was being SO sweet to her and I found myself thinking that there is really nothing that is much more attractive than a man who is polite and willing and able to express his admiration for the person they are dating. It wasn't a thought like - I want to date him - it was more a thought of - I hope someday in the near future someone is able and willing to talk that way to me again. So he ended his conversation with his girlfriend with a very heartfelt, "I miss you so much" and then made another phone call. To another girlfriend. Who he "missed so much" and "couldn't wait to see". I almost walked over to the guy and stabbed him in the eye with the straw in my iced tea.

Seriously, what is wrong with people.

Well, my plane's about to board so I had better wrap this up. Welcome back to my blog. I promise to get more faithful again in writing and will give an extended life update sometime in the near future.


PhinneyGirl said...

Welcome back! I've had some bad Delta/NWA experiences, but I agree, those little biscotti ginger cookie things they serve are probably laced with crack. Mmmm...
And as for Daren? What a douche!!!

Jessy said...

This post makes me mad!