Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Push Up Challenge - end of week "four"

This was the end of week "four". Technically it was the end of week five but week four was tough so I took an extra week to finish. I have until the end of the month with only two weeks of the program left so I have a little breathing room.

At the end of week four you do another exhaustion test. I'm up to 45 consecutive push ups now! Almost half way there!!! I think I might actually be able to do 100 push ups by Halloween!!!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Does Anyone See a Pattern Here?

Moxie and I (and Kirstin) have done some hiking the past couple weeks. It started with a hike to Twin Falls on a chilly but beautiful day. Moxie gets better and better at the whole hiking thing. When I first went out with her she had to stop and "talk" to everybody who passed and generally she took more time to smell the roses than I would have. Probably not bad all in all but sometimes it's hard to be patient. By the end of the Twin Falls hike we were passing people she wasn't even really acknowledging. She is starting to show her maturity. For the most part.

The following weekend just Moxie and I headed over to Whidbey Island for a hike in Fort Ebey. Again, it was a beautiful day. Going over to Whidbey is great because you get a ferry ride and on a day like last Saturday that was well worth it. I ended up in the ferry line next to a client so we chatted while we waited - it's a small world I tell you.

The hike we were doing was a loop. I had a book with the path spelled out and I figured it would be a good easy trek. Not a lot of elevation and not really all that long. It was only supposed to take 2 hours according to the book so I figured we would be able to do this other short one on another part of the island as well since we were over there. We left the car around 3 and started out on the "Bluff Trail". It was beautiful! Walking along the Straight of Juan de Fuca with the sun shinning off the water can not be beat. I found myself thinking - umm I live here. It was nice. We stopped to take some pictures and that's where the first problem started. First of all Moxie kept almost walking off the edge of the cliff where I was taking the pictures. I was so focused on keeping her away from the edge that at one point I bent over and her water bottle fell out of my pack, over the cliff, and into the ocean. I had to tell myself it was like the Jack Handy quote: "If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava let them go, cause man, they're gone." I figured what the heck - we were already thirty minutes or so into the hike and she would be fine for another hour. I had water in my pack but it was in a bladder for my hydration system so not easily accessible for her but I figured in a pinch I could make something work. And eventually I had to.

Moxie was wearing her own pack for the first time. It was empty but she didn't know. She was very proud.

As we traveled down the trail I suddenly realized we were doing the hike the opposite way of the description in the book. I figured we could just follow the directions backward and we would be fine. Wrong. This is what ensued. (Yes, this really is a sign I found while we were lost on the hike)

Eventually I found our way back but the two hour hike turned into a four hour hike. Moxie had to be convinced to continue forward rather than retrace our steps a few times - she evidently has more sense than I do and we had to run from a low growl in the woods on one occasion. I know this should have been a fun adventure, especially since I knew we could always retrace our steps if we needed to, but really it was pretty stressful. Next time I'm going back to just stay on the bluff trail even if it is an out and back and not particularly long. I'll take a picnic and we'll enjoy the scenery at the gun stands (for those of you who have been there you know what I'm talking about) or there are some great looking campsites there. We'll stay and enjoy those.

We made it back to the car around 7 and in time to watch the sun go mostly down. I was cold because I was dressed for afternoon hiking not night hiking and Moxie was begging to get in the car so she could sleep so we didn't stay until the sun went down but we sat on the beach long enough to enjoy a bit of the sunset and to spot a nuclear submarine. It is a diverse place we live.