Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Sweet Dreams

Moxie was sick last night. I’ve been very fortunate with her because really other than the first couple of nights she hasn’t needed to go out at night to go to the bathroom. Last night she woke me up a couple times desperate to get out and she very clearly had an upset stomach. (no details necessary poor thing) So I was obviously concerned about her and it made me have a very funny dream that I had to share.

I had a dream that she was really good friends with Ted Kennedy and after he died she was supposed to play golf with Ethel Kennedy but I didn’t want her to because they were democrats. Of course the logical thing was for her to be really mad about it so we were having a fight about it on Facebook. Yes – I did say it was Moxie. A dog. On Facebook. Playing golf with a Kennedy.

Sometimes I even scare myself.


justjuli said...


facebook fighting is so tacky. that's my favorite part of my dream, for sure. :)

PhinneyGirl said...

That is too funny! Thanks for giving me a good laugh :-) Silly dreams are much better than scary dreams!