Wednesday, September 23, 2009


So I'm confused - how is it possible to go over a month clearly ignoring or at least failing to respond in any way shape or form to attempts at communication with a supposed friend to then suddenly thinking that friend (or what one person thought had been a friend) who had been ignored for over a month is going to give in to attempts at communication? HELLO JERK FACE - A LITTLE COMMON DECENCY PLEASE.

A little tip - if you decide to ignore someone completely it's probably best to at least contact them directly the first time you try to make contact again so you can at least explain why you are such a jerk in the first place.

Oh and an apology would be nice.

Oh and there's going to be no reciprocated communication until there is an explanation in an appropriate forum.



Nathan Novak said...

Shit! Sorry. You could have just come up and talk to me in person... ;-)

Jessy said...