Monday, August 31, 2009

Push-up Challenge

My gym (Anytime Fitness) is one of those gyms where I know the owner really well and chat with her on a regular basis. I'm not the only one either - she seems to know each of us members and is involved in our lives. Shoot, she's even given me advice on men before. She does what she can to give inspiration to her gym members to keep them motivated and to make things fun. Recently she announced the beginning on the Anytime Fitness Push-up Challenge. I'm not sure if it is a franchise wide event or if she is only doing it at her clubs but when my trainer Shaune found out about it she told all of us that we have to participate. The challenge is this - go from wherever you are in your push-up abilities to doing 100 push-ups by October 31st. I was out of town when the program was released to the members and didn't run into Jen to get it until toward the end of the week last week so I'm starting the program today. I can fairly easily do 15 push-ups now. I probably could do 20 if I really tried. It's not a bad start but I still have a ways to go in only 2 months.

I'll keep you posted on my progress. If your interested in doing the program along with me let me know and I'll send you the weekly workouts. It's three days a week so nothing that isn't totally "doable".

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