Monday, August 24, 2009

Me on vacation

Vacation and I sometimes fight. It started three years ago when Adrienne, Erica and I went to Maui. I threw up all over the island for the first 24 hours. Then in Hawaii last year I picked up some bacteria. We won't go into details on that one. I threw up in both Colorado and California earlier this year. I'm not usually someone who pukes so I don't really know where that has come from. It seems that my body rejects the idea of relaxation or something - at least that's the theory. So heading into my week off at the lake (pictures and more details to come) I figured I would have at least some type of physical reaction to the whole thing. Thankfully I didn't but it is funny to look back and see what it took to unwind.

Saturday: Get up early. Work out with Shaune. Run around like a chicken with no head. Drive six hours to Hayden, ID.
Sunday: Get up early. Go for a long hilly run before breakfast. Think about reading a book. Sit long enough to read two chapters. Check my cell phone about 60 times. Spend some time in the lake. Fish. Watch a movie but jiggle leg as I do so.
Monday: Get up a little later. Lay in bed and read for a while. Sit in the sun for a while. Swim. Take Keith into town. Go to the gym. Come back. Play with Kelly. Crack a beer. Drink it at the beach. Crack a second beer. Drink it. Stay up too late watching a movie.
Tuesday: Sleep in a bit later. Go fishing. Spend the rest of the day in the water. Read 4 magazines. Consider running during the day but decide to wait until after dinner. Go for a run too soon after dinner. Almost vomit on the road. Come back. Go to bed at 8:30. Sleep more than twelve hours.
Wednesday: Sleep in. Spend the day in the lake. Decide to swim instead of run. Finish book 1.
Thursday: Sleep in. Decide running is for the birds. Take the dog for a walk instead. Finish book 2.
Friday: Sleep in. Make breakfast for the family. Hardly move from the sun all day.
Saturday: Sleep in. Mope about having to leave the lake. Decide to go to the gym in town. Decide not to go to the gym in town. Shop with Jessy instead.
Sunday: Plan to leave mom and dad's at 8:00 am. Get out of bed at 8:00am instead. Leave around noon. Decide to go to church. Decide not to go to church. Decide to work in the garage for a while. Decide not to work in the garage for a while. Finish book 3.

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Scottie said...

Decide running is for the birds.

Best. Decision. Ever.