Friday, August 28, 2009

Happy Friday

Moving on from the dreary posts of yesterday (ick - get OUTTA that funk):

Juli and I were at the baseball game together last night and we got to talking about why sports are so fun. We realized there is nowhere else in life when you get to just outright cheer for something or someone.

I decided this ought to change. Today I have cheered for myself for:

1) Excellent laundry folding
2) A quick and efficient shower
3) A beyond stellar parking job
4) A well written email

Yes - that strange cheering you hear from Mill Creek is just me enjoying my own greatness.


justjuli said...



This reminds me of a Peyton Manning commercial (scurries off to find it on youtube....) is a Mastercard it!

Have you seen that one? That guy cracks me up, I love his comedy stuff.

Seriously though, the world would be a much better place if we all cheered for each other and ourselves a little more. Here's hoping you're starting a new trend KT!!

KT said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA - I LOVE Peyton. He definitely has it figured out. He can be in line in case things don't work out with Branyon.