Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Oh those Summer Nights

One of the best things about having a dog has been the excuse to get out and walk. I've always liked walking but have felt I should run rather than walk when I have the opportunity. I don't enjoy running (but do it because I feel like I should) so my runs generally are not that long. OK - I've run for over an hour before but that's pretty rare.

Anyway, now with Moxie I walk twice a day every day. We take a quick 20 minute walk in the morning and walk for 45 minutes to an hour in the evening when I am home for that long. Last night I got home and had to leave again for dinner with Adrienne, Molly, Erin and Adrienne's mom Linda so I didn't take Moxie for a walk. It was 90 degrees here in Seattle yesterday so it was too hot for her to enjoy a walk anyway so I didn't feel my usually large amounts of guilt putting her back in her cool dark kennel.

It was nice to have dinner with A. She leaves today and I'm very sad to see her go. Even though I didn't really see her in the last week it has been nice just knowing she was hanging out somewhere in the same state. I desperately miss her when she is gone. So it was with sadness that I headed home after dinner last night, having said goodbye until November at the soonest.

When I got home Moxie was anxious as always to greet me. I grabbed her leash and we headed out. It was after 9:00 pm so it was getting darkish but it was still in the upper 70s so everyone around had their windows open. My neighborhood is pretty nice. We all live very close to each other but compared to what it could be, it's pretty quiet and people are pretty nice to be around. I would ideally choose 5 acres with a couple head of Black Angus Cattle but for where I am in life right now this will do. I didn't know any of my neighbors at all until Moxie came on the scene. Now I know far more and we get stopped often on our walks because people want to say hi. I know it's more Moxie's popularity than mine but it is nice to know people.

I don't ever take my Ipod and I try not to talk on the phone too often during Moxie and my walks. I figure this is her time with me and it isn't fair to get distracted but it also has greatly increased my ability to observe and take in what we are seeing which I have enjoyed. Last night with everyone's windows and doors open it was a pretty neat walk. It's interesting how everyone does different things in their homes - there were radios playing, kids laughing and crying, TVs on, dinner dishes being washed and conversations being had. There was something intimate about the falling darkness and the quiet murmurings and other sounds from the homes around us.

Obviously, in all of this I was an outsider but strangely it didn't feel like it. It felt like during the moment I passed each house I was brought into that family's day. Like we truly were neighbors.

It stilled my sadness and made me feel like I was home.

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Wenikio said...

wonderful post. i know exactly what you mean about the open doors and windows- it's one of the things i miss about wallingford. as for the dog- it's about the best way to meet people there! so glad moxie came into your life :)