Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Seattle spring mornings

Everyone is asked a time or two in their lives about their favorite time of year. I always unequivocally say it is Spring - in Seattle. In MN it was Fall. But in Seattle, despite the rain, it doesn't get any better in my mind. The trees and flowers blooming are out of this world. You actually get to see everything around you wake up. Yesterday was a crazy weather day here. We had beautiful weather for the four days or so before but then a storm blew in. It was a storm that isn't typical in the Pacific Northwest in that it included thunder and lightening. It was nothing like a Midwest thunder and lightening show (yes, it is more of a show than a storm back there) but it was fun anyway. I had a day at home and was happy for the deluge because it gave me an excuse to be in the house getting stuff done and taking care of my mental state. This morning when I walked out the door to take Moxie out I was hit by the beauty of the morning. The storm had passed, the sun was out, the air was cool, not cold, and so clean. It made me want to grab my cup of coffee and sit on the porch for an hour or two.

It's sort of an interesting metaphor for life really and that's why I like Spring so much I think. You go through the storms of winter where you are whipped around and jumping at loud and unnerving sounds but then the storm blows through and what you are left with is a crisp, beautiful, new day.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Moxie's First Hike

I have a Minnesota trip to write about but I had to share my last weekend because it can be quick and MN won't be. Jon, Jeanette, Theresa and I took Moxie on her first hike. I figured she would go maybe half an hour and then be tired but she made it a full three miles (with very minimal carrying from me)!! I was SUPER impressed and relieved since I was beginning to wonder if she would be a hiker like I hoped she would be. I know she is only 15 weeks but I'm impatient! :) The hike was flat and shaded, two very important factors, but we are heading in the right direction. She is a total trooper.