Wednesday, February 25, 2009

California February 14-17, 2009

Since I get the puppy in only about a month I decided I needed to get some of my travel bugs out of the way – California in February, Colorado in March and Minnesota in April. I’m excited to see all of my friends who I miss so much.

It was so great to see Dan as an added bonus to my California trip this year. He was kind enough to pick me up at the airport so Sarah didn’t have to cut her date short so we had some time to visit just the two of us and of course the drunk birthday girl Ashley. What would a dive bar with karaoke be without her? I told Dan he should take her home but he only had eyes for me. hahaha Other than the guy on the plane who insisted on taking advantage of Southwest airlines free Vodka drinks on Valentine's Day Daniel I didn't think at all about it being a day I frankly don't enjoy. It was a nice change from years passed.

And yes - the cheesy pose is on purpose. Nothing like making fun of things when you can.

Oh AND I’m so happy to announce that a Coke commercial Dan worked on called “Meanwhile” just won the right to be played in various theatres across the country during “the 20” I believe. Make sure to notice the popcorn. That’s Dan’s beautiful creation.

On Sunday Sarah and I went up to Santa Barbra and did some wine tasting. As I have ashamedly mentioned on here before I have been a fan of The Bachelor for some time (although given what I’m hearing about this season it might be my last) and that includes if not totally started with Andrew Firestone. I’ve also always liked their wines. Their winery and brewery are in the valley north of Santa Barbra although it turns out the family fairly recently sold the winery. It was gorgeous up there. We tasted wines at Curtis Winery, Firestone and Fess Parker. Fess Parker, for those of you in my generation, was the guy who played Davey Crocket in the TV series. I guess he owns a lodge near his winery and you can often see him there. We went on a tour at Firestone which is where many of these pictures were taken. It was a beautiful day and such a great time to catch up with Sarah.

Later that day Sarah took me down to Huntington Beach and I spent the remainder of the weekend with Erin. Oh and Daniel too. Erin had a birthday on Monday so she picked the agenda and we just spent the day laughing, watching movies, shopping – oh and of course eating a whole pan of lemon bars. It was her birthday! What do you expect?

That evening a group of Erin and Daniel’s friends met at Duke’s. Erin didn’t know to expect as many people as showed up and it was fun to watch her confusion as she tried to figure out if she was supposed to know certain people were coming. I hadn’t seen the gang since the wedding so it was nice to see the old faces and some new ones as well. I was very glad I got to be there to celebrate Erin’s birthday with her.

On Tuesday I had to go home, sadly, but first Erin and I went on a hike. It was gorgeous and I loved being able to see the ocean with the sun shining on it. It definitely gave me the bug to get out again. I’m ready to shake off winter and head into spring – my favorite time of year.

AND just so you know – I found out I for sure get a puppy. I don’t know if it is a boy or a girl yet but I will keep you posted. I get to check in on them on Friday so I’ll take my camera and get some pictures to post.

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