Monday, January 19, 2009

The young and the old

Last week I was pushing myself somehow through an incredibly long and tiring week and I hit Wednesday. Wednesday nights are basketball nights. I get to coach the best group of 3rd grade girls I have ever met. So, we haven’t won a game but we sure have fun doing it.

I was stressed when I showed up at practice this week. I was beyond exhausted and knew I had a couple of big days left ahead of me in the week and the last thing I wanted to do was be in the noisy Boys and Girls Club trying to be heard over the din. About five minutes into being there I was suddenly rejuvenated. I was running with the girls and they were daring me to do things and then when I couldn’t (or didn’t on purpose but that’s between you and me) they had me doing pushups, while sitting on my back. (Thank goodness for Shaun and her obsession with making me do pushups!)

By the end I left totally energized and in a fit of laughter at Kate and Katie’s offer to charge me an arm and a leg for a drawing that Katie was going to make. Oh, and Kate who was doing the wheeling and dealing was planning to keep the profits for herself even though she was doing none of the work. They are hilarious and I would say Kate is going to be quite an entrepreneur when she grows up. “Someone and Somebody” as I have taken to calling them during practice. They answer to it too. ha

Later in the week I had a Rotary function where I spent some time with people on the other end of the age spectrum. This group of people, while more straight faced for the most part, are also rejuvenating to the soul. You can learn a lot from people who have been on the planet longer than you have and I think they look at me in the way I look at my 3rd graders. Anyway, I again walked away from that event feeling rejuvenated and ready to somehow finish the week.

I relearned an important lesson last week. I learned it’s important to remember we all need balance in our lives in every way. Balance in rest, work and play. Balance in teaching and in learning. Balance in leading and in following. Balance in letting go and in holding on. Without that, we’ll get out of synch and things just don’t go as well.

If you’re interested in catching a Shooting All Stars game and are in the Seattle area we have games at 11 the next three Saturdays at the Alderwood Boys and Girls Club. Let me know. We would love to see you there. Watch out though “Somebody” might charge admission.

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