Friday, January 09, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thanks to my trusty old Jeep I was able to make it to Spokane for Christmas this year. They have had an incredible amount of snow. I was blessed with two good weather days on the days I planned to travel over and back. They have broken records in snowfall this year and everyone is a bit stir crazy. It was fun for me for five days but I was glad to get back to Seattle where we still had snow but snow which was rapidly vanishing.

Christmas was wonderful. It was a great time to remember why we celebrate and to be thankful for a few days to recharge before the New Year. I spent a bunch of time with my parents (and Maddie, their Newfie pup) and my sister and her family and even had a day where I didn’t do anything but read a book and take a nap. I know, lazy, but I was tired.

New Years Eve, as any of you who are long time readers should know, is not my favorite holiday. This year Adrienne was in town from Colorado and we went to a party at Jeff and Julie’s place. It started with me in bed about half an hour before we had to go, lamenting to Adrienne that I didn’t want to go, but ended with a wonderful time with some wonderful friends as it always does.

I always try to make some New Years resolutions. I have two this year but one of them I have forgotten already so I guess it is out the window. Anyway, the one I can remember is that I want to see more of Washington State this year. I don’t know how long I will live here (maybe forever, maybe not) and I would be very disappointed with myself if I left here feeling like I had missed areas that people always talk about.

I should hopefully be getting a puppy in March/April. I’m hoping to use the dog as an excuse to go places locally. It will be a good hiking dog and I plan to use him or her as an excuse to head over to the Olympic Peninsula for a weekend of camping and hiking or to southern Washington or the coast to do the same.

Ah – I remembered my second resolution. Each year I renew my effort to be home at least one evening a week. With the dog coming this Spring I’m going to have to change that to far more evenings a week or I am going to have to try to find ways to be involved in activities I can bring the dog to. So my second resolution is to be home for dinner two nights a week. That means on those days I will come home and stay home – whether it is on the weekend or the weeknights. It seems like it would be such a simple thing to do and it would be if I wasn’t such an over scheduler.

A lot of people have complained about 2008. 2008 was a good year for me. I feel somewhat settled, fairly secure financially despite the economy and excited to see where endeavors I started in 2008 will lead me in 2009. More than anything though, in 2008 I felt the presence of God in my life. I felt peace in his presence and I had many moments of “resting” in him. 2007 was harder. I felt more distant and as though I was going through tough times on my own. 2008 was a year to feel God’s blessings in my life, big and small and 2009 has already started in that same path. I’m excited to see what God has ahead for me.

Happy New Year my friends. Here’s to 2009.

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justjuli said...

oh my goodness kristin i think i would give my left foot for a day to just read and nap.

sounds like heaven!

glad your holidays were good. seth loves the firetruck. thank you so much!!