Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Extrovert? Introvert?

We all have them – those weeks where you feel so tired you aren’t sure you are going to make it through. The last seven days have been that way for me. Even this last weekend I was tired and couldn’t rest enough to get over it. The last thing I wanted to do last night was drive half an hour to church for Bible study. But I did it anyway. I hadn’t been there for a while because of the holidays and work getting in the way. I’m so glad I did. I didn’t realize that part of my problem was that I had been missing the energy my friends give me. I slipped out quickly at the end to get home and try to get some sleep, which has been disjointed at best for the last week, but I definitely drove away feeling thankful for my extroverted tendencies that allowed me to get energy from my friends at YAG. I’m at work today, tired again, but at least I had a few hours where I felt like my eyes were open and I was able to enjoy some good old fashioned rejuvenating laughter.

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