Monday, August 18, 2008


Everyone needs a wingman, someone who can be there no matter what, who is your backup, who watches your six o’clock (to quote dad), who doesn’t let you out of their sight in necessary situations but then also pushes you forward when you need the shove. My wingman so to speak for the past few years has been Adrienne. She moved to Colorado a week ago after getting a sudden job offer. She was so excited and I am happy for her to have the adventure but man, I’m missing her. I realized again this weekend that life is different for me in about 1,000 small ways without her around. (and that’s not even counting the fact I just miss the heck out of her)

This past weekend a group of us went up to Mt. Rainier to camp and hike etc. I missed Adrienne immediately because I was one of few single women in the group. It meant I got my tent to myself for the first night which is nice in a way but lonely in a way too. Frankly, that wasn’t an issue but I definitely thought of Adrienne and wished she was there to chuckle with while falling asleep. When I really noticed her absence was hiking on Saturday. As we started up the hill a few of the guys in the group told people to make sure they had a buddy. I was walking with Kim and Julie at the time. Julie is newly married and Kim has been married for five years now and Julie mentioned that she doesn’t have to worry about a buddy because she has her permanent buddy in Jeff. Her comment really stung. This entry is not to say anything bad about Julie because I ADORE her and I know she absolutely meant nothing by what she said – it was simply a true statement – Jeff would watch out for her. It’s part of the team that is created when you get married and it is one of the wonderful reasons why I think God created the bond between a man and a woman. (Side note: I heard on the radio this morning that there have been studies done that show that when a woman is stressed by simply holding her husband’s hand the brain activity that stress causes is reduced in half. IN HALF. By simply holding hands. Sheesh.) Anyway, a while later on the hike I got sick probably for a number of reasons and had to turn back. I went down the mountain and on a different hike along Paradise River in the shade instead of on the mountain with no shade and it was fine but I realized as I was walking along that if Adrienne had been there she would have gone down the mountain with me. It wouldn’t have been an option to let me go on my own. That’s what us single thirty something women do for each other. We are each other’s wingmen at all times. Thank goodness God created girlfriends in addition to marriage. ha

Everything turned out fine. My hike along the river was wonderful, cooler, beautiful, very few people, etc etc, but it would have been far more fun with Adrienne by my side.

I miss you my friend. I can’t wait to come visit you in Colorado!!

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Jessy said...

Sorry your friend has moved away Kristin, I know it's hard. I remember when Kara moved to Billings. I never thought life would be the same and I'd be lonly forever. But then God brought Taunya into my life and now Fay and Erin and Heather. He wont let you go long without another wingman close by.