Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Truths from a seven year old

In response to my sister telling my niece that God had a bigger plan for someone else when they had to cancel their trip to Disneyland Kelly said - I don't know why God would be so mean to me and not let me go to Disneyland.

I hear you kiddo.


Desiree said...

So true, so true. Kids will always tell it like it is.
Sorry to hear she won't meet the Disney crowd. - such a bummer.

Jessy said...

For four weeks in the busiest time of our business the phone stopped ringing. Didn't ring once with business. We had to make the responsible decision to not go on the trip. At the same time, the friends we were going with seperated, and they have ended up going alone as a family. The week after we canceled the trip Steve got a huge job and then two more huge jobs and is now pretty well booked. This could be a very healing week for the family we were going with. We don't know for sure but it may have been God's way of getting our friends on the trip alone without us. Maybe this week healing can begin. We were talking to Kelly and Keith about this and Kelly said "Yeah but, it's mean of God to do that to us!" But by the end of the conversation, she understood what Steve and I were talking about. :) Although, we are all still disapointed. Next time we plan a Disney trip, we wont tell the kids & they will be surprised. (Just in case)