Friday, August 29, 2008

Sweet Pete

We all have those few friends that make you happy just by being in your life. I was reminded last night just how important Pete is to me. I haven’t seen him for awhile for a myriad of reasons. We talk most days but sometimes we struggle with finding time to get together. When I walked into the restaurant where we were having dinner with some of his out of town friends last night I remembered why I care so much for him. He gave me a big smile and hug and instantly I was at ease. Our lives have taken us in funny places throughout the years of our friendship and the memories I have with him in them are some of my favorites.

I don’t tell you often enough my friend how much I care about you but I do. A lot. I’m very very glad you are in my life. (And PS – that’s why I get mad at you when you don’t call me when you need a ride to the hospital!) It was good to reconnect last night.

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