Tuesday, August 26, 2008

No Ties

I was chatting with my dad last night about some potential changes in my life (more to come in the future maybe) one of which might include a move, perhaps a significant one, (East coast? LA? Back to MN? Somewhere yet unknown?) if I can make some magic happen. One of the things I said to him was that I didn’t really have any ties keeping me in Seattle. Adrienne leaving has left a huge gap. Erin left two years ago now (man, time flies) and I know many of the people I’m close to figure they are here for another year (Theresa, Kirstin) maybe two tops and others realize this is a short term landing spot (Schneiders). I started to think that this would be a good time in my life to maybe chase an idea I have had for some time because other than my family being in Spokane nothing here feels very permanent.

My dad and I went to the Mariner’s game not long after this conversation. As we were watching the game my phone started to beep with text messages. First it was Pete – “you at the game? I’m here with my parents. See us? I’m waving at you across the stadium”. Then it was Aaron and Heidi – “you at the game? We’re here too and wanted to say hi.” Then it was Chris – “I just saw you and your dad on the Jumbotron! Nice work!!” Then Drew walked by and some people we knew from living in Snohomish sat two rows in front of us.

After about an hour of this my dad looked at me and said to me – “Really? No ties holding you in Seattle? I never want to hear you say that again.” Thanks for making me feel at home and connected guys. I love you all. (PS – it doesn’t mean I’m not moving but it makes it much less lonely for the time being)

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Juli said...

well kristin, only you can know where god is calling you to next, and i wish only wonderful things for you..

but i have to say it will make me sad to see seth's last in-state auntie leave. :(

can't wait to hear more about the exciting possibilities in your future!