Thursday, June 12, 2008

Top 9 Things I’ve learned at the Gym

1) Talking to strangers in the hot tub never turns out well.

2) If you put the heel of your shoe through the hole in the nonslip flooring and almost kill yourself one time it will probably have the same effect the next time and the time after that.

3) If you are 50+ and your boobs are perkier than mine you aren’t fooling anyone.

4) When in the pool the clothes really are an indication of how fast you will be. Unlike on the treadmill where anyone can look the part, someone with the confidence to wear a tiny Speedo will likely be fast.

5) The louder you are the less weight you are actually lifting.

6) Laughing at the guy next to you isn’t the best way to make friends - although it is a great way to make friends with the guy next to you's friends.

7) The floor will be slippery under you when you get off a bike at the end of a spinning class if there were beads of sweat dripping off your nose at any point during the class.

8) You can still be heard when singing along with your IPod on the treadmill/bike even if you can hardly hear yourself.

9) Always make sure the treadmill is off before stepping onto it.


Amanda: said...

LOVE THIS! Is there a viewing window at your gym for spectators? :)

LPat said...

I've learned two things recently as well:
1. Don't forget your headphones/ipod. Listening to the whir of machines for 45 minutes is no fun.
2. If you've had gas producing foods a few hours prior (like steamed broccoli) try to get a machine where there is no one behind you! haha

Love your list! :-)