Thursday, May 08, 2008

Men are frustrating but I finally found one worth my time

I had a venting session with Jenny last night about how it is so annoyingly complicated in the dating world. I try to give guys the “hint” that perhaps I’m interested and it seems they either don’t feel the same, don’t care or don’t get it. My friend Sarah says I don’t give anything close to hints. What I think screams – ASK ME OUT – actually says to the typical male – man, you are a great friend and I am going about my life as a strong woman who needs no one. Not at all the thought I want out there. It seems most friends now who hear me mentioning potential interest find it necessary to make the first comment out of their mouths – do NOT go to the friend zone on this one. I don’t know what I do wrong but whatever.

Well screw this. I’m frustrated and tired of not being read correctly, of not knowing what I can do to make things different, of not finding a guy that’s strong enough to just take a chance so I’m giving up. Well not really but I got a marriage proposal today and I just might say yes. OK – so not really but it did make my day none the less.

His name is Dick Sanderson. He had a birthday on Monday and turned a mere 78 years old. I love him. I know Dick from Rotary. He and I got matched up to be part of the “band” our current president wanted us to start. He plays guitar and sings and is used to being the leader. I think I fell in love with Dick when at one rehearsal, which I was leading mind you, I requested that he do something a specific way. He nodded and smiled at me and went back to doing things the way he wanted to. Then he just came over and gave me a hug and continued to do it his way for the remainder of our rehearsal and performance. The hug made it all ok and after that we became fast friends.

He called me at home a couple months ago on a Saturday morning and asked me if I had plans for Saturday evening. It turned out his band, The Rhythm Riders, was playing their last gig at a nursing home in Lynnwood. I couldn’t resist. I went and sat front row. Ralph was there also and he was taking photos so I have this one to share with you.

It was awesome. Dick very clearly loved the fact I was there and would sing to me much of the time. The nursing home people loved him and his band. He didn’t hesitate to use his humor to satisfy and entertain the crowd and I loved it. I can’t wait to be 78 so I can be as self-assured and content with where I am in life.

Dick did ask me today when we are getting married. I smiled and told him I was ready when he was. He said he had to check with his wife first.