Monday, May 19, 2008

It was the Best of time and it was the Worst no, it was the Best of times

Have you ever had a period of time that is just so good you kind of think it is too good to be true? That happened to me last weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were three of the most fun and best days I have had in a long time. The weather turned very nice for those days and it seemed I was coming out of hibernation. At work on Friday I was almost overly productive. Usually, when the sun comes out I have a tough time focusing but on Friday it was almost as if the sunshine pushed me on. I left work earlier than normal and met Jeff, Julie, Evan and Jon for happy hour in the sunshine at a Mexican place in Bothell. I was reminded again how lucky I am to have the people I have in my life, in my life. With each new addition things just get better.

After happy hour Jon, Evan and I met up with about seven other people to go to the new Narnia movie. I was a bit unimpressed by the movie itself but I sat next to John Mabbott and he let me make snide comments about the movie the whole time so it ended up being just fine. Plus it kept me from freaking out TOO much over the “scary” parts.

Saturday morning I went and got new tires for my car. Now this might seem like a lame sunny Saturday morning activity but I have been SO worried driving around on my old tires that it was a huge relief to get them changed out. Plus, I walked up to Lowe’s while I was waiting and got an errand done in addition to great and entertaining conversations with Aaron and Heidi and Kristen and Jenny. All in all not bad for a Saturday morning.

After the tire extravaganza I went to Fred Meyer and bought plants. Lots of plants. And dirt. Lots of dirt. Living in a townhome with little to no yard I seldom get to spend an afternoon (in the 90 degree heat mind you) up to my elbows in dirt. By the time I was done I wasn’t sure I was ever going to get all of the dirt out from under my fingernails. My next door neighbor ever so kindly pointed out the huge streaks of dirt across my forehead and cheeks from where I had wiped my face at various times with dirty hands/arms. I felt like a kid making a fort in our back yard at Lord Hill all over again. Julie wasn’t impressed by my flowers last night when I showed them to her but I think they are pretty nice and I think they make my front porch look like it is ready for summer. I have a couple more to finish up but when I’m done it is going to be my nice little garden.

That night Kirsten and I met up for dinner at her place in Kirkland. They have a wonderful deck and a perfect view of the Olympics and Lake Washington. Steaks on the BBQ and a warm sunset? Are you kidding?

The icing on the cake was Sunday. I met Evan and his friend Jim for the Haul Ash bike ride from Woodinville to Fremont and back. The weather was seriously ideal. Jim, Evan and I seem to ride together pretty well. I haven’t had that much fun on a bike ride in a very long time. The guys pushed me but I could tell understood when I got tired at the end. Mind you, I would like to point out at the point I got the most tired we were still pushing 18-20 MPH so I would say not entirely a cop out. We sat for a few minutes at a coffee shop in Freemont at the midway point and enjoyed a cup of coffee and it seriously felt like Heaven. I couldn’t have wished to be in any other company and I couldn’t imagine a better feeling than the sunshine on your face after pushing out a good 20 miles. Nothing beats those endorphins. The only bummer about the afternoon/morning is I had to leave directly after we were done riding to meet Theresa for the Mariner’s game. I am not complaining for a split second about going to the Mariner’s game, especially one they won, but I would have loved to have spent some time at Redhook with the guys. Hopefully, I can talk them into a rain check.

Theresa and I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the Mariners won so I was very happy. It’s their first back to back wins since sometime in April so needless to say it was well overdue. Maybe we can get a little streak going now. The weather was again perfect. It wasn’t too hot to sit in the sun in my seats and similar to how I felt in the morning all the colors seemed more brilliant and just more real. I truly slowed down like I always do at a game and enjoyed the moment. I wished the game had been two hours longer.

All good things must come to an end I suppose and on my way to church my Jeep began to overheat on the freeway. Thankfully, I was able to limp off the freeway and prayed frantically for a close parking spot which was granted. I decided I could maybe fix the car on my own but it would take buying a part on Monday morning so I called Jeff and Julie who were headed to church and expecting me for dinner that night anyway and they came and picked me up. Unfortunately, we were then too late for church but we went to their place for a nice dinner and Julie then moved in with me for the next month. All in all, even the hiccup with the Jeep was insignificant and I know it will be taken care of. Actually, maybe it was a bit of a blessing. Had it not been for the Jeep mishap I’m not sure I would have been able to force myself to come to work with any type of focus today. Granted the morning started out with me in tears from the stress of dealing with it and my lovely boss, but that’s behind me now. I have a nice evening ahead of me that is screaming for a run and time to make a casserole for Melissa and Geoff who just had an adorable baby girl. Plus with Julie living with me I have a friend to hang out with.

I guess the moral of the story is to appreciate the blessings while they are in front of you, big and small. I sometimes think I don’t deserve to have such a wonderful life but I am certainly not complaining.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Men are frustrating but I finally found one worth my time

I had a venting session with Jenny last night about how it is so annoyingly complicated in the dating world. I try to give guys the “hint” that perhaps I’m interested and it seems they either don’t feel the same, don’t care or don’t get it. My friend Sarah says I don’t give anything close to hints. What I think screams – ASK ME OUT – actually says to the typical male – man, you are a great friend and I am going about my life as a strong woman who needs no one. Not at all the thought I want out there. It seems most friends now who hear me mentioning potential interest find it necessary to make the first comment out of their mouths – do NOT go to the friend zone on this one. I don’t know what I do wrong but whatever.

Well screw this. I’m frustrated and tired of not being read correctly, of not knowing what I can do to make things different, of not finding a guy that’s strong enough to just take a chance so I’m giving up. Well not really but I got a marriage proposal today and I just might say yes. OK – so not really but it did make my day none the less.

His name is Dick Sanderson. He had a birthday on Monday and turned a mere 78 years old. I love him. I know Dick from Rotary. He and I got matched up to be part of the “band” our current president wanted us to start. He plays guitar and sings and is used to being the leader. I think I fell in love with Dick when at one rehearsal, which I was leading mind you, I requested that he do something a specific way. He nodded and smiled at me and went back to doing things the way he wanted to. Then he just came over and gave me a hug and continued to do it his way for the remainder of our rehearsal and performance. The hug made it all ok and after that we became fast friends.

He called me at home a couple months ago on a Saturday morning and asked me if I had plans for Saturday evening. It turned out his band, The Rhythm Riders, was playing their last gig at a nursing home in Lynnwood. I couldn’t resist. I went and sat front row. Ralph was there also and he was taking photos so I have this one to share with you.

It was awesome. Dick very clearly loved the fact I was there and would sing to me much of the time. The nursing home people loved him and his band. He didn’t hesitate to use his humor to satisfy and entertain the crowd and I loved it. I can’t wait to be 78 so I can be as self-assured and content with where I am in life.

Dick did ask me today when we are getting married. I smiled and told him I was ready when he was. He said he had to check with his wife first.